I want to thank you for all the help you have provided me over the last few years. Haven’t heard of me? That’s because I have been a lurker on your site for years. You have provided countless answers to questions for found bugs and critters with all the previous answers to the questions of others. You are also helping us alter my 7 and 5 year olds from "stomp first, and ask questions later" into "catch and releasers." It’s hard being a dad and having to know all the answers to questions without people like the two of you. I do know a lot about bugs and insects, but on many occasions I am stumped. I even go on your site for fun to scroll through all the cool images. I actually can’t go on line without them wanting to visit your site.
Any way here is a photo of a newly emerged cicada in the spirit of the changes you will be going through on your site. Taken today in South Jersey. We checked on him/her through out the morning until it was there no more. Fare thee well !

Dear Dad,
We’ve got to begin by stating that Just (in all its forms) should never be used to describe noble roles. We are thrilled that you have crossed the line from being a lurker to an interactive reader. We have gotten numerous images of Cicada Metamorphosis in recent weeks, but neglected to post them for various reasons. Since we are officially into the Dog Days of Summer, it seems appropriate to post your lovely image of an Annual Cicada or Dog Day Harvestfly. There is another exoskeleton of a metamorphised nymph visible in the lower right corner of your photo. We are strong supporters of change and look forward to many changes in the coming months.

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