What is this?
Hope you can help…I have a number of these bugs crawling all over my shagbark hickory. Are they dangerous to the hickory? We are in south eastern Michigan. I would swear that they have five pairs of legs….or are they very thin wings? I didn’t see any flying around, but I didn’t watch for long. Hopefully you can help me identify them. Thanks,

hi Paul,
Your beetle also has two heads, because it is a mating pair. These are Long Horned Borer Beetles and we believe they are in the genus Neoclytus, probably Neoclytus mucronatus or Neoclytus scutellaris. According to BugGuide, Neoclytus mucronatus will feed on dead or dying hickory, but BugGuide also lists hickory as a food for Neoclytus scutellaris. We will contact Eric Eaton to see if he can be more conclusive.

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