Mystery Caterpillar
We love your site! We have a mystery caterpillar that we’re hoping you can help us id. We found it in the sedum plants, but it didn’t seem to be eating them. It was right next to a skeletonized rose bush, but those little green caterpillars have been chewing on the roses all summer so I don’t know that the big caterpillar was also eating the rose. Oh, we’re in SW Wisconsin.
Thanks much!
Karen, Bronwyn, Connor and Piper

Identified before we could respond
(08/20/2008) Mystery caterpillar id’d
Hi Bugman,
After we emailed you this morning, we ended up finding our caterpillar, I think. Pearly Wood-Nymph ( Eudryas unio ) Here’s the mature moth: Thanks,
Karen, Connor, Bronwyn and Piper

Dear Karen, Connor, Bronwyn and Piper,
You have done an excellent job of identifying your Pearly Wood Nymph Caterpillar. We are very pleased to see that some of our readership actually continues to search for their answers after clicking the “Ask WTB?” link on our site. We would not discount the possibility of this caterpillar being another member of the same genus though, as evidenced by images on BugGuide.

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