Bee fly- species not on your site Hialeah Florida
At least I couldn’t find it. I’m in Hialeah, Florida and I took this photo today in my yard, when I was looking for something to sketch. I tried to identify it on your site and then on the bee fly site you mentioned in a link. ( The closest one was a Chyrsanthrax species. As Tropical Storm Fay was affecting the weather, it’s possible this little fly was blown far from its usual haunts. I don’t remember ever seeing one before. —
Marian Mendez

Hi Marian,
You did a great job on your identification. Though the pattern on the abdomen is not typical of the species, we have found examples of Chrysanthrax cypris from Florida on BugGuide that match your photograph. We suspect Fay had nothing to do with your sighting, however, you might expect to find some other typically tropical insects after the storm.

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