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Pictures of Red velvet mite, Nigeria +Unknown black winged creature, Ifakara, Tanzania
Hi there, just found out what these bug are through your website. Thought you might like even more pictures… We’ve encountered them in Nigeria, please feel free to use them. I also attached picture of some black, flying create, found in ifakar valley, Tanzania. If you like I have more pictures of bugs from Africa. Best regards,
Robert Sirre

Hi Robert,
Since you have already identified your Velvet Mites, we have turned our attentions to your spectacular Robber Fly. We don’t know what species it is, but it is sure one impressive specimen. Robber Flies are in the family Asilidae. Robber Flies that resemble your specimen that live in North America prey on bees and wasps and other flying insects.

Update from Karl
February 18, 2011
Karl supplies some information
Re: Robber Fly from the Congo – February 11, 2011
Hi Daniel and David:
I believe that your spectacular Robber Fly belongs to the genus Hyperechia. Members of this genus mimic the large Carpenter Bees in the genus Xylocopa and the larvae feed on the bee larvae. It is thought that the Robber Fly disguise enables them to get close enough to lay their eggs inside the bee’s nesting burrows. There are a number of African species but based on a key to the genus Hyperechia (in Oldroyd 1970. Studies of African Asilidae (Diptera) i. Asilidae of the Congo basin) this one is likely H. floccose. I think this genus has appeared on WTB? at least once before, in a posting by Robert (danielj), Unknown Robber Fly from Tanzania, August 16, 2008. Robert’s Robber Fly looks like it could be H. marshalli, or perhaps H. bifasciata. Regards.  Karl

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Africa

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