Ailanthus Webworms Mating Photo
Hi there, I just recently found your site and have found it quite helpful! I was going to submit the attached picture for identification, but, I found the bug on the site. However, I wanted to send the photo anyway because it’s a great picture of 2 Ailanthus Webworms mating and thought you may like to add it to your photos. If not, that’s cool, but I thought I’d send it just in case. I’m in Missouri and these bugs are all over the place. I assume it must have something to do with the insane amount of *annoying* Ailanthus trees we have surrounding our house? Hope you find the pic useful! Sincerely,
Sara B.

Hi Sara,
Your photo of mating Ailanthus Webworms is beautiful. We get so many requests for the identification of this species and we have numerous photos in our archives, but your photo is the only mating image we have received. Despite the frequency of sightings of Ailanthus Webworms, their presence seems to be doing nothing to control the scourge of the incredibly invasive Ailanthus tree which has been infiltrating natural forests from coast to coast. We expect that one day it may be the only tree known to mankind.

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