Mexican Edible Leafcutting Ant (wingless) in Cuernavaca, Morales, Mexico
Hi! I wrote you guys a few weeks back with these pictures, and i couldn’t figure out what kind of giant ants these were. I’ve now shrunk the pics down a little to make them more email friendly, and I was just re-skimming your site when I came across the Mexican Edible Leaf-Cutter ant. One reader (Diego) mentioned that he’s never been around to see them shed their wings before burrowing and starting a new colony. I was lucky enough to come across hundreds of them and I snapped a few pics… Had I known they tasted like bacon and pistachios I would’ve scooped a few up… Enjoy the pics!

Sorry we were unable to respond to your initial letter, but we are happy you identified your Mexican Leafcutter Ant without our direct assistance.

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