Black Caterpillar Hunter or European Ground Beetle
Hi Daniel,
Once again I am seeking your help in identifying a bug that crossed my path. This one has proven quite difficult, but with much googling and searching through ALL of your beetle pages, I’ve narrowed it down to a few possibilities. From some photos I found on page 13, my beetle appears to be the black caterpillar hunter, either calosoma calidum or calosoma sayi . I have also found images on Bug Guide that match my beetle (as far as I can tell), but it lists it as carabus nemoralis – a European ground beetle which can be found in "every Canadian province except Manitoba; south on the west coast to California, and inland to Nevada and Montana; in the east, may be spreading into northeastern US". The beetle was at least an inch in length and was found on the sidewalk outside my house. As usual, any information you can give me is greatly appreciated. Huge Fan
Barrie, Ontario

hi again Yvonne,
You have been one of our most regular contributors through the years. Once we looked at your large image, we have determined that this is a Fiery Hunter, Calosoma calidum, one of the Caterpillar Hunters, but not the Black Caterpillar Hunter. The Fiery Hunter is, according to BugGuide: “Large, black, elytra with brilliant red, rounded punctures (1)or yellow/gold punctures as in this specimen. ” The punctures on your specimen are clearly visible in the photo and they are gold.

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