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Michigan Northen Golden Bumblebee?
Hello, Bugman:
Large, fuzzy and almost solid yellow bumblebees have been buzzing around our S. E. Michigan gardens for a few weeks now. I’ve never seen one so big and solid yellow before; about 1″ long, possibly a queen? They are attracted to the zinnias in our planter box. After looking online to identify it, I believe it may be a Northern Golden Bumblebee. I looked through your on-site bee photos and don’t remember seeing one like this in your galleries. Could you confirm if this is indeed a Golden?

We believe that your identification of a Northern Golden Bumblebee, Bombus fervidus, is correct based on images posted to BugGuide. For more information on this species, visit Discover Life.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Michigan

2 Responses to Northern Golden Bumblebee

  1. Stacey Yada says:

    Are golden bumble bees rare? I’ve seen one on Kona, Hawaii?

    • bugman says:

      Without a photo, we cannot say for certain that you saw this species. We suspect you might have seen a male Sonoran Carpenter Bee which is nonnative and has become established in Hawaii.

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