Hey we found a new way to keep people from stealing pears. Thought this was a cool pic. I have a nest with hickory nuts in and one with apples The apple one I removed the dead apple and glued an artificial in . can’t wait till these guys leave now I’ll have one with pearsin it. It is growing by leaps and bounds hardly new it was there a couple weeks ago. And they are busy ,So pretty!
Sandy Dobbelaere
Oakwood Ohio

Wow Sandy,
This has to be our favorite household/garden hint ever. We wished this worked with squirrels, which are having a banquet with our peaches right now. We love your letter because you have embraced the presence of Bald Faced Hornets in your yard/garden or perhaps orchard, and you understand the valuable role they play in insect control. Additionally, using the active nest as well as the abandoned nests as decoys to deter pilfering of your fruit is positively priceless. Thanks for the wonderful tip.

Location: Ohio

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