satyridae butterfly
Hello-I found this little fellow flitting around the yard and he/she finally landed on my porch and allowed me to get some photos. I believe it’s a satyridae butterfly, but that’s only based on a photo I saw on your site. I didn’t see many photos, so thought I’d send these. You mentioned that these butterflies prefer sap to nectar, and it would seem that way by my observation. We had just had a rain and it seemed to be ‘sipping’ from the bare wood. PS, I live in Northeast Missouri and I am surrounded by woods, if that helps in the identification. Anything more that you can tell me would be greatly appreciated-I’m trying to teach my grandsons!
Kirksville, MO

addendum to satyridae photos
I just found out that the butterfly in the photos I just sent you is an Enodra anthedon or Northern Pearly-eye. Here’s another photo:

Hi Judith,
It is awesome that you have done your research on the Northern Pearly-Eye. We hope your grandsons appreciate what an amazing grandmother they have.

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