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Strange Bug in Ethiopia
Dear Bugman;
I am in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and we have seen a few of these bugs around our house. An Ethiopian has told us they are "very bad", but couldn’t tell me why they are very bad. It looks like they might have a stinger on the end. Please reply because I need to know if we should tell our kids to avoid these. They are about 3/4" long. Puzzled in Ethiopia,
Christy Johnson

Hi Christy,
In January of 2008, we received a letter and images from missionaries in Cameroon, and the subject was the Creechie Bug or Paederus Rove Beetle. This is your insect and it is known to cause contact dermatitis. We found a website called DocFiles that confirms this.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

4 Responses to Paederus Rove Beetle: Creechie Bug

  1. manette says:

    I just lived for 10 months in Cameroon. I was attacked by the Paederus many times, three times it was pretty bad. Once in my left eye, once in my right, once on my neck. I was told that the bug is called Creechie in the Anglophone part of Cameroon and Caterpillar in the French speaking part (because it is striped). When it gets in the eye it causes about 10 days of damage, with itching, pain, puss, and bloody eye. On neck it was very bad, with pain and itching and scaling. Those around me said they hardly ever got it and my daughter only got a sprinkling of it once. Maybe it is drawn to certain people (mosquitoes also love me). The only thing to do is try not to be inside at night with a light on and a window open. Then you just wait; I did not think the creams helped. Well, I also had several toe dchiggers, but that’s another story . . .

  2. Tangnju says:

    The creechie bug has wings and they fly , they loose their wings easily, and that’s when the start moving around. I have a friend who almost go blinded by this bug. had eye complications for 8 months with an orange colored liquid that watered the eye, mixed with pus. The stain of this liquid could last on dresses like for ever. Her pupil became gray and she could not see with this for over a year.
    normally when this bug releases its acid on your body, locally here in Cameroon we apply to the affected area kerosine, or toothpaste immediately one notices, it helps neutralize the acid and reduces the chances of spreading the acid further and causing serious sores and wounds.Then it drys off the area which later on peels of to leave a dark patch on the body that clears off with time. to ease the peeling and help the scaring , Glycerine is applied very often to the area like 7-8 times a day. When it enters the eye, immediately administer clean salty water inside every 10mins and then use Gentamicine eye drop. this neutralizes the acid and helps prevent pus formation.

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