Hi Bugman
Very cool site, Got a 2-yr old who is becoming quite the little bugman ( Poor Rollie-Pollies , they dont last too long with him 🙂 ) found this Bee-Wasp on my windowsil today. Sorry about the bad pics, from a cameraphone. To me closest wasp It looked like from your site was the Crickethunter, although am not sure. Has a faint Blueish-Purpleish abdomen. Also, does it have a potent sting? Told my 2yr old to Look not touch, lol, Thanks,

Hi Christian,
First off, it irks us to no end to get identification requests without locations, so much so that we have recently threatened to place the letters directly into the trash. Your letter is the second exception we have made in twenty four hours because we love the photo. This is a Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens, and Charles Hogue, in Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, calls it a Window Fly, hence the reason we love your photo, though we suspect the name Window Fly is a reference to the first abdominal segment having clear areas and not the fly frequenting windows. We find the large larvae in our compost pile in Los Angeles all the time. You can read more specifics on the Black Soldier Fly on BugGuide. By the way, if you are writing from Zanzibar, this may be a closely related species.

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