Thread-Legged Assassin Bugs Mating

pic of some Emesinae assassin bugs mating Not sure of what the exact species is, but its in Emesinae I’m sure. Found it while out camping Red River Gorge in Kentucky. I run an indoor butterfly garden in NY state, so if you ever would like help IDing some of the random tropical butterflies, let … Read more

Bug of the Month: September 2008 – Golden-Silk Spider Eating Large Dragonfly

(08/29/2008) Golden-Silk Spider Eating Large Dragonfly – Palm Beach County – Florida Hello Purveyors of Bug Identifications, First – thanks for providing such an educational website. I use it quite a bit while working for the Palm Beach County Department of Environmental Resources Management. We oversee the protection of thousands of acres of wildlands and … Read more

Horse Lubber Grasshoppers

Lots on highway near big bend texas (UNCLASSIFIED) SIR, what are these bugs Thanks for letting us know that the Horse Lubber Grasshoppers, Taeniopoda eques, are making their annual appearance in the arid portions of the American Southwest.

Question Mark

Angle Wing???? I can’t find a photo of this butterfly online anywhere. The closest I’ve seen to it is an Anglewing on your site. I shot him along Pinto Creek near Brackettville, TX during the 2007 Monarch Migration. Thank you! Genie Hi Genie, The numerous interogation marks in your subject line has led us to … Read more