Mating Monarch Butterflies

monarch love Hi Bugman, I just took these photos of a pair of mating monarchs in Ann Arbor, MI. I looked through the Bug Love pages and didn’t see any monarchs, so I hope these are a useful addition to your site. One question: one of these butterflies has been patrolling my garden for the … Read more

Rustic Sphinx Caterpillar

Big Caterpillar We’ve looked all through the Luna moth pictures, and searched around the web, but haven’t found a picture just like the guy in this one. He is 5 inches long and living on a small beautyberry bush in our central Florida yard. The bush is currently flowering and he seems to prefer … Read more

Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars

what is this caterpillar Bugman, Found about 7 of these cuties on a plant out back , in Beaverton ,OR. Looked through the internet with no luck. thought you would be a great place to look. thank you for you attn: Helen Ferguson Hi Helen, Your caterpillars are Cinnabar Moth Caterpillars, Tyria jacobaeae, a species, … Read more

Cottonwood Borer

Giant bug Hi Bugman, My father found this big guy on a glass door, at his work, in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. According to him, it seemed to sit in the same spot for hours, giving him the opportunity to take a picture. I’ve tried all kinds of sites, looking for what this creepy bug … Read more

Harlequin Beetle in Guatemala

PLEASE identify For these two insects, I need to know their common English name, the Genus name, and the Species name in Latin—please help!!! Thanks so much!!! (07/30/2008) Both were in Tikal, Guatemala. Thanks so much for your help. Your beetle is a Cerambycid or Long Horned Borer Beetle known as a Harlequin Beetle, Acrocinus … Read more