Help identifying purple beetle found in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada
We would like to know what kind of beetle this is. We found him on a wild rose bush in the desert scrub near Drumheller Alberta. He is green on his underside, legs and head and has purplish wings. He is about an inch long not including his antenna.

There is a photo matching your specimen posted to Bugguide, and Eric Eaton wrote: “One of the blister beetles in the genus Lytta, possibly L. nutalli or L. cyanipennis.” Perhaps one of our readers can provide an accurate identification for this positively gorgeous Blister Beetle.

Location: Canada

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  1. angela says:

    I just saw one that looked almost the same in Abbotsford BC, except that it was not metallic but more of a solid red-purple and black.

  2. Brian Valde says:

    We found dozens of these beauties on a single low shrub in Grasslands National Park in mid June. They were obviously in a mating swarm (?). We could find them on no other similar shrubs any where in the park for the rest of the week. Lots of good pictures. Amazing! Sorry, don’t know what they are.

  3. Karli says:

    Just found one in my yard in Medicine Hat, AB, Canada.

  4. Lisa Wiebe says:

    Found one of these beetles on my False Indigo in Winkler Manitoba. June 13, 2018

  5. Love Lea says:

    Check out this link
    I found one on my deck! It was on my downstairs deck a few days ago and on my upstairs one this morning! I hope it is the same one. Anyways after finding out, it can kill a horse if ingested
    I contained it immediately just in case my dog got to it. Pretty little thing. Careful when handling this as the toxins can give you a blister if you touch it or crush it with your bare foot.
    July 5/2018 Calgary Alberta Canada

  6. Melissa Abila says:

    Just spotted one in Glasgow Montana!

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