Clearwing Moth???
Hi bugman,
This was taken on an ivy leaf in our back yark in Kansas City, MO. We live on the edge of a greenway with lots of trees and a creek. I have been searching everywhere I can think of to find an ID for it with no luck. The head the four wings make me think it might be some type of clearwing moth. I would appreciate a positive ID. Thanks again for the great sight! It has helped me ID many of the photos I have taken.
Ed Loesch

Hi Ed,
We don’t believe we have ever been this baffled before. We get identifications wrong, but generally, we at least get the order correct. This insect seems to have characteristics of several different orders: wings like a cicada, legs like an orthopteran or wasp, head rather lepidopteran. It is a mystery. Our best guess is that it is in the order Psocoptera. Just how big was this critter? We will check to see if Eric Eaton can provide us with an answer.

Correction: (07/27/2008)
This is a great image of a winged individual of the giant willow aphid, Tuberolachnus salignus. You can easily be forgiven for assuming such a large aphid is a barklouse:-)

Awesome, guys! Thanks for the ID! I think the length was about 1/2 inch or so not including the wings.

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