large caterpillar found in our yard near Charleston SC
attached please find a photo of the largest caterpillar my husband and I have ever seen. Any ideas what it is and what we should feed it or where we should put it to feed itself? thanks,
Kate Hammond
Summerville, SC

Hi Kate,
This magnificent specimen is an Imperial Moth Caterpillar, Eacles imperialis. We have numerous images of the stages of metamorphosis of this beautiful moth. The caterpillar looks to be about ready to pupate, judging by its color, though this is a highly variable caterpillar with regards to coloration. It will pupate underground in loose soil. It is not interested in eating at this point. The caterpillars are often discovered searching for a good place to dig into the ground after leaving the trees upon which they have been feeding.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Kate. They like live oak down in Florida. But many choose maple trees as well. I am sure any oak tree would be good for them.

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