Suspected fishing spider with egg sac
I found this on the exterior of an old shack next to a 3 acre pond in rural west-central Georgia. (About 30 miles north of Columbus, GA) The date was 30-Jul-06. I am guessing that it is a fishing spider. I notice that her left third leg is missing, and that she is carrying an egg sac. She sure was big! Both mother and offspring were left doing fine. I haven’t been back since to see if there was a successful hatch. The first one was taken with F/3.6 at 1/50th sec., and the second F4.0 at 1/60th sec. Both were hand held. ISO was 80 (simulated–digital camera). I have reduced the photo size to decrease your bandwidth. (The full size photos are over 3 Mb each!) If you wish to put these photos on your website, you have my permission, just please make sure the copyright notice is included. Thank you for your time and attention.
Richard Snouffer, MD
Anniston, AL

Hi Richard,
Thanks so much for sending your photos of a female Fishing Spider in the genus Dolomedes with her egg sac. Losing a leg does not seem to negatively impact a spider’s ability to move around.

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  1. North MN says:

    Found this spider on my front porch with what I think is an egg sac. Can you tell me if its a wolf spider or a fisher?
    Can’t see where to post the pic

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