Isabella Tiger Moth eggs, etc
Hello Bugman.
I just found your egg page and I absolutely love it! I thought you might like these photos of Isabella Tiger Moth laying eggs and the resulting larve, otherwise known as Wooly Bear Caterpillar. She laid the eggs on my door jam, and I am rearing them, at least until fall. They overwinter as caterpillars so I won’t try to keep them all winter. They are eating nettles.

Hi Betsy,
We hope you will continue to provide us with Isabella Tiger Moth, Pyrrharctia isabella, metamorphosis images as the caterpillars grow and pupate.

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7 Responses to Isabella Tiger Moth Life Cycle

  1. S.D. HeideckerMBA says:

    We have a wooly bear, that we have kept inside, but he got too warm and skipped the cocoon stage and became a moth.How do we take care of it until we can release it in the warm weather, as we live in freezing Minnesota! Thanks,S.D.

  2. Marie Patsch says:

    My wolly bear caterpillar is spitting light green drops?
    She ate lettuce at night?
    Are they more active at night??

  3. Child says:

    How many eggs do the Isabella Tiger Moths lay?

  4. miranda says:

    my daughter caught a tiger moth and kept it in a jar for two days, it laid eggs and died – we now have eggs in a jar that we would LOVE to see grow into their next stage … is there something we should do to ensure their survival?

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