Mantoida maya (new to your site)
I took this photo in the Wekeiva forest in Seminole county, FL, while out taking pictures of bugs, imagine that! I was going to ask you guys to identify this for me but I found it on I had never seen a mantid with such a short "neck" before! I thought I was going to get to name this one, but, alas, it is not new to science just new to me. Tiny for a winged mantid, he was about 1". His bobble eyes are funny, but what I love most about this little guy is the beautiful color and texture of his dark coppery wings. I didn’t bother him and he skittered off, rather quickly for a mantid I might add. I hope you guys post this as I could not find any other photo of a Mantoida on your site. Oh yeah I alsmost forgot to say – I LOVE YOUR SITE! Rock on.

Hi Silas,
Thank you so much for contributing to our site with a new species, the Little Yucatan Mantid which is native to Mexico and Florida.

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