Prionus emarginatus – A Female!
Hi Daniel, Bob and Eric,
I am writing to share one more round of photos. These are Vicki’s best shots out of at least 50! Vicki found this at her boyfriends house, which is 2 miles west of our house, more in the farm lands as we live in the little town. Their house is surrounded by Timothy Hay fields. She is not as fuzzy underneath but there is hair there.
Elbert, Colorado

Hi Jo,
That female is sure a behemoth. We have been very busy preparing for our Getty lecture and have not had time to check emails. We are curious about the size difference between the males and the female. Did Bob or Eric write back with any comments?

We would love to hear from an expert on this. Since we were totally unaware of this unusual Prionid before your original letter, we wonder if this degree of sexual dimorphism is typical, or if this is a female of anther species in the genus.

Hi Daniel,
Actually they both answered back. I have also sent this beetle and a few males to Bob as requested so he will be able to confirm as far as a novice could tell she were mating with the two males for about an hour. Eric Said: “Holy cow! That is the most incredible sexual dimorphism I have ever seen in that genus! I had no idea….” Bob Said: “COOL!!!! I’ve never seen a female of that species

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