I know, I know…
A male Dobson Fly….
After reading countless inquries on your website, I now know that THIS is a male Dobson Fly. But mine is bigger than most on your site. All the others say their flies are about 4 inches. I have my size 12 shoe next to mine. He was easily 6 inches long. And believe me… size does matter. The people at the campground were freaking out over this bug.
Mike Weix

Hi Mike,
It is obvious by the cocky tone of your email that you want the size of your, um Dobsonfly acknowledged online, and we are happy to acquiesce. We are also somewhat convinced that this will now launch a “my Dobsonfly is bigger than yours” competition among our readership. Where is the photo that arrived last week with the measuring tape? Lost in the black hole that is our email account.

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