A moth and a beetle
What a wonderful site you have here! I’ve enjoyed looking through the pictures of bugs. A few days ago I saw a couple of beautiful insects in the mountains of BC, Canada, and I was wondering if you could help identify them. The moth I’m pretty sure is a snowberry clearwing or hummingbird moth, but my bug books didn’t have any beetles that looked exactly like the one I have here, which is large with very long antennae and a brilliant iridescent green. If you can help me identify them I’d be very grateful.
Alberta, Canada

Hi Jessica,
This is a Flower Longhorn. It resembles Gaurotes cyanipennis, but the dark legs and antennae on your specimen differ from the photos on BugGuide, so we wonder if it is a different species in the same genus. We will check with Eric Eaton.

Hi, Daniel: Took me a bit to research this one. The specimen in the image is Pseudogaurotina cressoni, nearly identical to Gaurotes, obviously! Both are truly spectacular beetles that are not uncommon on flowers in eastern North America. Eric

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