Weidemeyer’s or White
We had the great pleasure of watching our caterpillar (wish I took a picture but it looked like bird droppings with horns) turn into a chrysalis on July 4th. Today (July 10th) the pictured beauty emerged. I found two butterflies on your website that look like ours…The Weidemeyer’s Admiral and the White Admiral. I can’t seem to tell the difference in all these photos…can you? The caterpillar was found on a choke cherry tree in Big Sky, Montana. Thank you,
Big Sky Bug Kids

Dear Big Sky Bug Kids,
We are quite pleased to hear your metamorphosis was successful. This is a Weidemeyer’s Admiral, Limenitis weidemeyerii. While the dorsal view is quite similar to a White Admiral, the underside is distinctly different. Including both views with your letter will help ensure that future readers can make a proper identification.

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