White spotted moth
Hi and thanks for your time.
My name is Ian Thomson from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I came home the other day to see a moth I haven’t seen before perched on my porch door. It is appx. 3/4″ long and is mostly snow white with small black spots. It seems very well camouflaged for my white door trim, but it doesn’t seem especially well suited for the wild in Wisconsin this time of year. I am curious if you have any idea what this fella may be, and if it may be unusual for this area, or if I just haven’t been looking hard enough. The moth is hanging upside down, but I rotated the photos right side up. Also, apologies for the photo quality–my digital camera is not especially sophisticated and refuses to focus on near objects. I did some brief searching and saw a giant leopard moth, but this seems much smaller with less dark spotting. Perhaps a cousin? Please let me know your thoughts as I am very curious. Thank you much for your time, I look forward to your reply!
Ian Thomson

Hi Ian,
Your moth is in the Ermine Moth family Yponomeutidae and in the genus
Yponomeuta. We located it on BugGuide and it does not have a common name.

Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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  1. Quainty says:

    This is only one variant of the Ermine family… The Great White and in my opinion, the prettiest. The caterpillar is black and furry with a faint orange stripe. They “overwinter” during transformation (late September/early October) and we currently have one housed doing exactly that!
    I’m in Scotland where despite being fairly common they are not too often seen!
    Happy to supply photo’s of various stages should they be required.

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