Interesting caterpillar
Howdy Bugman;
Here are a couple of pictures of a caterpillar that we found but have been unsuccessful in identifying. Do y’all know what kind of butterfly or moth it is? We found it on a wild grape vine in some tall weeds in our backyard in rural northwest Wisconsin on July 11. Thanks for your help.
The Smith Boys

Hi Smith Boys,
Providing our readership with both a lateral view and a dorsal view of this distinctive Abbott’s Sphinx will afford an excellent means for identification. One small problem is the coloration of this species, Sphecodina abbottii, has a highly variable caterpillar. The absence of the caudal horn typical of most Sphinx Caterpillars, and the resulting eyespot is one characteristic that is present in all color variations of the caterpillar. We are copying Bill Oehlke on our reply as he is compiling a comprehensive listing of species sightings on his own amazing website.

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