resembles “giant water bug” in size but not appearance
Dear BugMan-
I found this bug in a stream in New Hampshire. The body was thin, flat and flexible, and it acted very passively in my hand — I had actually mistaken it for a piece of tree bark until it slowly extended its legs. The eyes are on the sides of the head. I apologize for the poor image quality (I was without my camera and had to resort to a cellphone — no macro setting); I am a big fan of your site and wanted to be able to send you something better… but I’ve looked everywhere online and can’t find any bugs that look like this one! What could this large aquatic insect be?

Hi Ian,
This is the aquatic nymph, known as a Naiad, of a species of Dragonfly known as the Dragonhunter, Hagenius brevistylus. It is very distinctive in appearance. We have only one prior submission of this species on our site.

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