thank you
Thanks for providing such an amazing site. I am a first time viewer / contributor. Your site helped me identify this beautiful creature. It’s a Cottonwood Borer, Plectrodera scalator. I have lived in and around Memphis, Tennessee all of my life and have never seen one of these beetles. My daughters came in the house screaming for me to get my camera a few days ago. I could not believe the patience of this bug! I must have taken 50 pictures or so before we realized that it flies! Oh, I should mention that I am still filled with excitement over the shot with the wings spread just before he was airborne. How cool is that? I was actually a little bit scared while taking a couple of those shots – he’s a pretty scary when you’re about 5 inches from those mandibles. Thanks for a great site – I have added it to my favorites.
I wasn’t sure what format you needed for the picture – I just combined all of my favorites in Elements and did a ‘save for web’ in jpg format. If you need anything additional that would work better, just let me know. Happy 4 th of July!

Hi Sherry,
Your format was perfect, though our personal aesthetic for the site is to have separate images, hence we split out our mutual favorite image for posting. Thanks for your awesome submission of a Cottonwood Borer about to take flight.

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