Swimming beetle saved from a tragic end? And a beautiful orange/yellow caterpillar.
Hi again Bugman!
After perusing your wonderful website some more, I had to ask you about two more bug pictures I have. The first are of a beetle we found in the sand at low tide on the Oregon coast. The tide was coming in and he was about to get swept away, so I picked him up on a shell and carried him to safety. I appreciate you encouraging people not to kill the bugs they find; I have a cup dedicated to catching my house spiders so I can put them outside (if I can get to them before my cat does). The second picture is of a gorgeous caterpillar we spotted at a path at a beautiful spot on the Oregon coast called Beard’s Hollow. The path to the coast there is so beautiful, and simply covered with beautiful bugs of all kinds! I’m also sending a picture of a slug with pine needles stuck to its butt because I think it’s funny. I don’t even know if a slug is an insect… but figure you may appreciate it anyway! I know you all are busy; any help will be much appreciated! Thank you!
Sarah D. from Washington State

Hi Sarah,
This is a Black Burying Beetle, Nicrophorus nigrita. We will attempt to identify your caterpillar as well.

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