Another colorful Asian Flatworm

Hamerhead flatworm Malaysia-identification please Dear Bugman While on holiday in Malaysia we visited the Batu Cave temples and I saw the attached "bug" on a damp wall. It was very brightly coloured Black and Yellow and about 5-6" in length. From searches on the web the closest I have got to identification is from your … Read more

Fishing Spider with Egg Sac

Spider from Connecticut I know you are busy this time of year, but I found this spider (the second one in three days) in my year in Northwest Connecticut. A couple of things, could you tell me what kind it is and what is the thing underneath it. Was it feeding or is it something … Read more

Great Black Wasp

Blue sand digging wasp? Hi there bug guys. I am from Ontario, Canada and was out in my driveway yesterday and noticed this blue waspy looking bug digging in a pile of sand. It was quite a sight. He would go in and appear a moment later with a ball of sand under him, which … Read more