Mating White Spotted Sable Moths

sable moths Hello bug people, Thought you might enjoy this photo of what I think are White Spotted Sables, Anania funebris. They were on my deck in upstate New York in early June. My five-year-old son and I thought they were very handsome, although we had different theories about what they might be doing. Kathie … Read more

Female Florida Conehead

WHOA! Weird bug! Hey Bugman! I live in Tampa, Florida. The other day I was in my backyard the other day at night with some friends. Suddenly my friend screams and yells that something smacked her face! I shined the light on her face and suddenly I realized that there was this bug just chilling … Read more

Pale Bordered Field Cockroach

firefly look alike Hi, I saw this guy crawling around a garden in Houston, Tx and could not identify him (or her). At first glance, I thought it was a firefly, but of course he isn’t. He moved pretty quickly and looks like a roach. He was about 3/4" long and wouldn’t stand still for … Read more