Camera Shy Butterfly
Hi Bugman,
Thank you for identifying my moth for me. I recently read a one of your postings that said you were having trouble photographing the elusive Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. I happened to see about 20 of them on the shoreline of Lake Berkley in Tennessee. These big beauties wouldn’t leave me alone. They kept landing on my shirt and flying into my face while I was trying to fish. One of them caught me off gaurd and "buzzed my tower," which led to me smacking myself in the face and losing my sunglasses into the lake! I didn’t catch any fish, but I did get some nice photos. These butterflies seem to love the swampy shoreline. I tried to get as many into one shot as I could, but the best I could do was four (second photo). Anyway, just thought you might enjoy the pictures.
Adam in Tennessee

Hi Adam,
Thank you so much for sending us your gorgeous photos and wonderful account of the experience. These are Zebra Swallowtails, not Tiger Swallowtails. The Puddling behavior you witnessed is something certain male butterflies do shortly after emerging from the chrysalis. They are thought to injest necessary minerals while Puddling.

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