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WHOA! Weird bug!
Hey Bugman! I live in Tampa, Florida. The other day I was in my backyard the other day at night with some friends. Suddenly my friend screams and yells that something smacked her face! I shined the light on her face and suddenly I realized that there was this bug just chilling on the side of her face! Of course, me being the animal and bug lover I am, I snatch it off her face before she smooshed it and took a quick picture of it to send to you. I looked in my florida wildlife book and didnt see anything that looked like this. Can you identify it? P.S. It was safely released and flew away. Thanks!
Cammy P.

Hi Cammy,
This appears to be a female Common Conehead, probably in the genus Neoconocephalus as evidenced by images on BugGuide, though females with their swordlike ovipositors are underrepresented on the site.

Update: (07/03/2008) Katydid IDs from Piotr Naskrecki
I have been looking at the page with unidentified katydids (Katydids 2), and thought I could help with some ID’s. From top to bottom they are: Florida conehead – Bucrates malivolans

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

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