What is this bug???
Good day bugman,
My husband & I were out walking my dog the other night when this bug just crash landed, almost at my husbands feet. We live in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada. Thankfully, I always carry my camera with me and, naturally had to get down on the ground (in the middle of the bridge) to get pictures of this strange creature. We’ve never seen one quite like this. He (or she) was approximately 2 1⁄2” to 3” long from the back end to the tips of the antennae. He (or she) stayed in it’s place long enough for me to get my pictures, only moving the wings when large vehicles drove by (thankfully because I really am a coward and can take pictures as long as it doesn’t decide to fly at me – yikes!)
Debi Duff

Hi Debi,
Your creature is a male Dobsonfly. We will be posting your letter with another that arrived today of a female Dobsonfly. Dobsonflies exhibit marked sexual dimorphism, with males having long pointed mandibles.

Female Dobsonfly
(06/30/2008) Large bug
Could you give me some help identifying this insect? This large one with several other smaller ones appeared on our front porch recently. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks…
Patrick Buckland

Hi Patrick,
We are posting your photo along with a photo of a male Dobsonfly that arrived today. Also, there is a photo of a similar looking Fishfly as comparison.

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