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What’s this red & grey moth(?)?
Please, what is this lovely creature? You are seeing the forewings, almost clasped around the grassblade. The hindwing is rounded and the same brilliant red. It moves quickly and does not like being approached. I live on the northeast coast of Nova Scotia, among wet-to-damp grasslands on the shoreline of Antigonish Harbour. This creature avoids flowers and always lights on grass. It is small (not tiny). Especially, this creature is uncommon. Two years ago I saw a few near some alfalfa. Last year I saw one only, in grass under alders right on the water. This year I’ve also seen only one, among the grasses and mixed wildflowers (which it ignores) over our septic drainage field, in the open. They stay close to one spot; you can find presumably the same one there day after day in early summer. I’d love to hear from you– Thanks–
Tila Kellman

Hi Tila,
Your moth is a Cinnabar Moth, Tyria jacobaeae. It was introduced from Europe to help control ragweed, a larval food plant.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination
Location: Antigonish Harbour

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