I love your site…..but you have repeats
Your site is great and all, but there are the same bugs or the same spiders listed on the SAME page. Example: Nursery Web Spider, listed 4 times on spiders11.html I notice you do this a lot on many of your pages. Listing the same bug over and over.
A Truly Candid Girl (unsigned note with name taken from email)

Dear Truly Candid Girl,
We try to be a diverse as possible, but another important aspect of our site is to show current population trends as well as sighting locations. Readers ofen like to know that something seen in Maine might also be found in Georgia. We would strongly advise you not to visit our Luna Moth pages as it might drive you over the edge. We have two whole pages devoted to a single species, though related species from elsewhere in the world are also presented. We often get requests and suggestions on how to improve our site, but your letter leaves us totally baffled.

Update: (06/15/2008) A heartfelt thank-you, and a rebuttal!
Hello again.
First, I’d like to thank you for identifying the female Dobsonfly photo (on 6-12-08) that I sent in. Second, I find myself compelled to comment on the e-mail that ‘Truly Candid Girl’ sent to you on 6-14-08 about “repeats”. I’d like to say that looking at several pics of the same bugs helps me to identify them. One pic cannot possibly show all the different sides, angles, sizes, and colors of a particular bug. I think “repeats” are necessary if you truly want to learn about a bug! And last, I LOVE your site! I have always been the type of girl that highly disliked bugs, and when I would see one, I’d say “Eww, bug!” and squash it if possible. Now, I’m not saying that I’ve fallen in love with bugs, but this site has evoked a curiosity in me. Every time I see a bug that I’m not familiar with, I want to know what it is, and I always come to this site. It’s a much better alternative to swatting, squishing, or running! Thank you so much for helping me to overcome my fear bit-by-bit, and keep up the good work!
Heather P

Update: Truly Candid Girl writes back(06/16/2008)
I just think it should be a little more organized. I know a lot of people come to your site to found out what a bug is and they don’t know the name of it. Also, it’s fine if you have the same species but label the link “Luna Moth” so people know the WHOLE page is just that. When you have the links that is just the general name “spider” “spider 2” “spider 3” and then on those pages have the SAME spider listed on all 3 pages, it’s a little annoying. Put all that species on ONE page. I am just saying, it is easier for your visitors to found out what they are looking for. Just an idea and I think it’s a good one.

Update: Truly Candid Girls starts NAGGING
I really don’t understand why you posted the first email I sent and not the one that I sent explaining what I meant about my idea. I have a good idea. And since I wrote back again to your response, I should think the first one should be removed from the site, or this follow up email should be posted, explaining what I meant.

Ed. Comment: (06/17/2008)
We just cannot bring ourselves to continue a dialog with a Truly Candid Girl. While her first email bugged us, the subsequent naggings and demands are making us angry. Totally reorganizing our website to please one reader is just not feasible. We know we are disorganized, however, our postings do run chronologically, and the word logic is built right in.

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3 Responses to Truly Candid Girl wants more Diversity

  1. Arachne says:

    To A Truly Candid Girl:

    -Don’t you find it interesting to see the numerous pictures of bugs that are posted on this site, whether the bugs are the same or not? Diversity does not mean having one photo per species; it means having a wide variety of something. And no matter how many pictures of a house centipede are posted, What’s That Bug will always be extremely diverse.

    -Having pictures arranged by species would totally defeat the point of this site. Let’s say, for example, that a man named Bob sees a black spider with red legs and comes here to ID it–which, as you probably know, is the entire reason this site exists. If Bob didn’t know what the spider was called, how would he know to look under the “red-legged purse-web spider” page to find out about it? One obviously can’t search for something by name if one doesn’t know the name in the first place!

    I accept that you are not really a Nasty Reader, but you are, I’m afraid, a dull one (this being a moderately nice way of saying that you are making yourself appear quite ignorant and stupid). In the future, please give your ideas a little more thought before insisting on having them carried out, and stop acting like you are the only person in the universe who doesn’t have what she wants.

    Lisa Anne and Daniel, don’t change a thing. This site is brilliant and there is absolutely nothing I would want changed.


  2. bugman says:

    Hi Arachne,
    Thanks so much for your insightful comment. Actually, with our new web format, both you and Truly Candid Girl may get your way, but it will take time. We are currently reorganizing our Beetles postings with subcategories. This takes time, but we are off to a good start.

  3. bugdude21 says:

    Truly Candid Girl, GET A LIFE!

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