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Bug? Dilemma
Dear Bugman,
I’m nearly at my wits-end. I work for a pest control company and I’ve had a gentleman calling me trying to verbally describe a bug that is “burrowing” into his (and his wife’s) skin. He’s been to several Doctors, Dermatologists, and Emergency Rooms – nobody can identify the problem.
The gentleman described the bugs as winged and ant-like in appearance. Daily, he and his wife have to “dig” these insects out of their bodies – they claim they burrow into their skin, about 1⁄2 an inch down, and feed and/or lay eggs. He says his urine and stool have become green – (a possible by-product of medications that he’s been prescribed). He further claims he has passed larvae in his stool, and they “adults” sometimes crawl out of their bodies (nose, ears, etc.). He fears they are killing him; his wife is hysterical every time he calls. I don’t know how to property treat the house because I’m unsure exactly what I’m dealing with. All the literature I have doesn’t really list any parasitic or blood-feeders that aren’t standard fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, mites, or bedbugs. He’s sent bloodwork, samples, etc to local universities, but they all tell him it will be 4-6 weeks before they get any results. They put him on medications to fight infections, and he says when he started the meds the bugs because crawling out of him. The most strange thing is that he swears he’s got “sacs” in his body where there may be eggs. Scans have shown that he does have larvae in his lungs. He said he was a missionary years ago, so it may not be a pest exclusive to Florida, where we are located. I don’t know if this falls into a true “bug” category, but this was the only place I could think to turn. Your website is fantastic and a great resource for my industry. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Scott Murrell
Operations Manager
Premier Lawn and Pest Management

Hi Scott,
We are struck dumb by this poor couple’s dilemma. We really don’t have any advice to provide. Travel to tropical countries, especially missionary duty deep in the jungles, sounds to us like a sure recipe for contracting unusual diseases and parasites. While we have no advice for you, we would advise you to let yourself off the hook on this one. This is well beyond the scope and domain of an exterminating company. This couple needs medical attention. This is, however, a strong contender for our Worst Bug Story Ever.

Update: Delusory Parasitosis perhaps
About “Internal parasites”
Dear Daniel,
Well, this sure sounds like a classic case of delusional parasitosis to me! I know you can’t say that on WTB. You can read about delusional parasitosis here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Delusional_parasitosis and here: http://delusion.ucdavis.edu/delusional.html All good wishes to you, WTB is great!

Thanks Susan,
We did strongly consider that possibility. Charles Hogue refers to this disorder as Delusory Parasitosis or Delusory Cleptoparasitosis.

Hi again Daniel.
The only hesitation I have is, that when people read one or two really weird horror stories (which are probably in reality cases of delusional parasitosis or DP) on WTB (which has a lot of credibility) and where these weird stories are pretty much presented as being (probably or possibly) a real case of actual bugs, well… I am concerned that it might encourage more people to think that this could actually happen, or is happening, to them. My husband’s brother had a case of delusional parasitosis a couple of years ago. It was really weird dealing with him about it; there was no way to get through to him that he might actually be misunderstanding what was going on, that no insect species could behave in the way he described. I think he actually had some formication going on (I have had that a fair bit and I know how it feels) and he was extrapolating from there that it had to be actual insects. For more info on formication take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formication Then there is that “Morgellons” phenomenon or belief system which seems to be spreading like wildfire. Maybe you are familiar with it? If not take a look at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morgellon You guys are doing so much worthwhile work with WTB in terms of helping people get over their fear of insects and be more rational towards them, I am just wondering if these weird DP stories might have the capability to push more than a few people in the opposite direction… All good wishes,

Update: 906/15/2008)
In regards to the PARASITIZED COUPLE
Your latest story about the couple plagued by unknown parasites ( Internal Parasites (06/12/2008) Bug? Dilemma ) reminded me of something I read about once. Morgellans Disease, which I think one of the symptoms is delusional parasitosis. More info can be obtained at the following link: http://www.morgellons-disease-research.com/delusional-parasitosis.html Regards,

Update: (06/17/2008)
reply to the Internal Parasites or Delusory Parasitosis?
Along with checking with their dermatologists, they should be checking with qualified entomologists. Unless we see the results and “scans showing larvae in the lungs” I would say Delusory Parasitosis. I work for a mosquito control and I had a man call and say that they had a bad case of “no see ums”. He said that they were getting into their skin and were everywhere. They were coming out of the grown left and right. He kept blaming the water company for flooded yards. I sent my surveillance crew to investigate the area to make sure there wasn’t any flooded areas and to check for possible mosquito breeding. They came back and told me that the guy was crazy. There was no water and he kept pointing to these bugs that didn’t exist. Plus he started to chase the “bugs” with pesticide. I know that insects make up 75% of the living creatures on earth and there are a lot of things that are unknown. So there could be a small chance of some strange insect doing this. He said he did missionary work several years ago so the problem couldn’t just show up now. To have something this strange it would have to be foreign not from Florida. His description of the insect doesn’t ring a bell for me either. I would advise Scott Murrell to step out and recommend that they ask an entomologist with experience in exotic species. He can’t treat what he can’t see. By the way I love your site. I constantly get asked to identify insects so sometimes I cheat and just come to your website. J

Ekbom Syndrome
October 21, 2009
Here at the University of Georgia we are conducting a research project on Ekbom Syndrome (the clinical name for delusory parasitosis). We know responding to these individuals can take a lot of your time, so please feel free to refer them to us at 706-542-9033 or Insects@uga.edu.
Dr. Nancy C. Hinkle

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What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

22 Responses to Internal Parasites or Delusory Parasitosis?????

  1. WarpHedgehog says:

    Delusional parasitosis sounds it’s the case with these people. I don’t understand how they actually found larvae in the lungs though. They might wanna show proof of that. They should be going to Psychiatrists not Dermatologists.

    • Lee Mattheson says:

      Your comments reveal what you know about infestations. Exactly NOTHING! A good doctor will not make a definitive diagnosis of a disease and have it become part of your permanent medical record without scientific lab results or other conclusive evidence as to the basis of the diagnosis. Many feel completely free to diagnose a delusional disorder however on the sole basis of having no other “acceptable” answer. How dare you be so arrogant as to believe that if YOU can’t explain an affliction in a way that makes sense to your limited experience and understanding then it can’t possibly be real. Who the Sam Hell do you think you are to add insult to the injury that those afflicted with yet to be explained illnesses already endure? Shame on you!

      • SickofIt says:

        My thoughts EXACTLY!!! Thank you for being compassionate and having an open mind! Intelligent Minds discuss Ideas/ (Solutions), Average Minds discuss Events and Small Minds discuss People!

      • Lacie says:

        Totally agree with Lee.
        Unless you have personally been affected by these symptoms of morgellons, you CANNOT understand.
        Therefore one says it must be a delusion.
        My advice to those plagued with insects too small to see, is get a microscope or at least a magnifying glass. You can also download an app used to magnify.
        Take pictures or videos with this magnification.
        People can simply not deny what the eye sees.
        Pray for those like myself affected by this bio-weapon named morgellons.

      • liz ray says:

        I agree with you! Who and how did you ever pass med school with a quick diagnosis with out ever seeing the patient. You and other Health Care providers who jump to a conclusion that the person is Mentally ill, on illicit drugs, or is delusional without an evaluation is what causes infestations in the beginning. If act upon in a timely manner we could have eliminated a lot of others from suffering. You are one I would love to bring all the samples possible to collect and dump on you, because you deserve to suffer as those misunderstood by lazy incompetent people who should sure as hell not be in the Health Care field in the first place. May many parasites find you Doctor of Despair!!!

      • Lele says:

        Lee Matheson this is in no way shape or form delusional it is real! Does chem trails and morgellens ring a bell maybe even lyme disease. I know someone who is over 2 and a half years into this. Numerous lesions that can be seen bugs almost fully developed pulled from skin also larvae which is also in stool with worms. Many ER rooms pcps dermatologist and infectious diseases has no clue what it is..I remember hearing about more flouride in the water for steralization also viruses in our vaccines and many more things.. I watch as she is daily horrified that she sees and feels these bugs parasites worms and the fact that a Dr. Thats not specific to the field of entomology. Would call you crazy even though your covered in lesions. This is absolutely unacceptable from doctors which are supposed to help heal us. We are in the state of florida and she has not been out of the country let alone the state.

    • It’s called Morgellons decease. Most think it is caused by a toxic spray. Chemtrails from above . ( planes) sprays soldiers were sprayed in I race and brought back. It causes sores or lesions and fibers in the whole body and organs. They are doing research at a clinic in Ok. And a few other states. CDC will not recognize it. They say it is a delusional phycoes. And we’re crazy. I bet that Hillary Clinton’s has it. Where has she been? She and Obama payed CDC to do research on this undiagnosed decease. I’ve had it for over 7 years. Spend a lot of time talking to God and sleeping and taking pain meds. Some days I can breath some days I can’t see well. I can’t stand up long enough to walk. Have fibers like cotton , black hairs coming from my body and metals. Don’t care anymore who believes me. My husband and I have lived with this horrible defaces spent unbelievable amount of money. My Doctor will not recognize it. Or admit I have all this going on. So I just pray a lot to the strongest healer there is, and cry a lot. Wondering when a price of metal fiber will pirice an artery and I want be dealing with this. I use to pray to God to die. But this is not gonna be this desease that decides to take my life. My life is in my Lords hands and will be his decision.

    • Danace Mace says:

      Hey, I’ve been going through the same thing for the last 5-6 years and until you had it and you see what it looks like don’t judge us and don’t say that we’re pits delusional because

  2. Maryee says:

    Hello l am infested with a unknown bug parasite. I too have suffered for over a year. Every one thinks l am crazy. I have used bleach , rubbing alcohol, dog and cat flea tick powder, lice,scabbies, etc.

  3. Pam says:

    It’s a case bearing clothing moth.

  4. Mel says:

    It is at least reassuring that others are having the same problems as I do. It started with the bottom of my legs feel like something is crawling all over my legs. It was bad in morning, stopped mid day and got worst early eve afternoon. Then what I call dive bombers, were diving into my skin with such forced it is . They would I guess catapult themselves into the skin skin at such great force it is amazing. One time I was sitting and I felt it on my ankle and quickly lifted the leg of my pants and saw a very very small greyish animal with lightning speed burrow into my ankle. I could not get it out as I had no tweezers or anything to get it out with. After that, thankfully the dive bombers went away thank God, and that is when the the weird shapes started to appear and all around that I had a great deal of spider veins overnight. I went to the doctor to show the shapes forming on my body under the skin. they are round and have 2 Circles in it that could be eyes. Anyway doc said he did not see anything but performed labs. I had those labs done almost a month ago and have follow up this Thursday. In the interim, I have found white almost clear moths in my nose and my stool and urine is also green. I see the entities under my skin, they puff up when you rub at them and they are exactly like the red outlined shape of the previous things I was trying to show doc. I realized I had long dark soft hairs on my arm that did not match my own arm hair, I have blond hair on my arms naturally and so I know that they were in my skin and either enter a hair follicle or something and that long soft black hair is how they breath under the skin is my guess. When I dug a few out where my hair was long soft black hair, there where the white moths. I have no idea what these are, the thought of them living in me is horrible! I very much believe that couple and am glad that I am not the only one that has this hapening, but sorry it has to be to us. Even more sorry that except for a case bearing clothing moth, no help has been given. btw- I am not on any meds for these things and my stool and urine look like I ate a field of green grass…so it’s not the meds that the gentlemen from the extermination story was saying it may be green bc of the meds. Also, last bathroom trip there was something whipping around frantically tring to get back into some stool as it was out in the water. It disgusting, and I have not gone oanywhere or seen anyone bc I am so afraid of contamination. Please help!

    • Mel says:

      Also, doesn’t it seem strange that at least 3 people who don’t know each other, but have same symptoms????? So we are all making up the same thing? And why would someone make this up, it is Horrible and I am scared and doesn’t help that my doctor doesn’t believe me…. He was not very compassionate and I know he thinks it was hallucinations. I am upset about that and feel that a little compassion is not out of order.

    • Eliza says:

      O my gosh I have most of these symptoms plus thousands of the white, red or blue fibers (various sizes) in my blood. What have you done to combat this horrifying experience? Thank you for sharing.

  5. Barbara says:

    People with mysterious infestations should look into different species of :
    fleas such as the Stick Tight Flea; Ticks; Mites such as Bird Mites and different species of very small flies..
    From reading many posts, it appears that Tea Tree Oil mixed into everything seems helpful. Also oral and topical Ivermectin is worth a try.
    As for fleas, the lifecycle of all fleas can take up to 4-6 weeks from egg to actual flea so watch the home environment carefully for clues. This includes tiny white eggs, 3 different sizes of larva (including larval casings) and small pupa in a sticky cocoon that picks up debris in the environment like carpet fibers , clothing fibers and dust.
    Best of luck to everyone.

    • Mel says:

      Thank you for the recommendation Barbara, I will look them up, however, what Idid not mention is except for the tiny mites, ticks or whatever they are that tickle my legs and then pich as they quickly bore in, thankfully, nothing itches. If they were Flea bites, I think they would itch, but these gross boogers are not bothersome to my system enough or irritating the skin enough to make me itch, which is the one thing I am thanksful for, bc if I had to deal with itching, I would be done for!

  6. Sissy Cherry says:

    We have encountered these micro black mites that bite and are in your skin as soon as they bite. They lay silver eggs in a sac. They turn into larvae which tunnel all throughout our bodies, they turn into a bug with wings that rips it’s way out of your skin. Borax, 100% lemon juice, and ammonia baths make them float out of your skin. But not every one in you. The adult bug that tears out is a black smaller bug with wings, and also a larger black with a cream band on its tail.looks like a small hornet. We need help on killing it out of home and out bodies I hear “crickets” 24/7…it’s the larvae. They also went into my eye ball.

    • Mel says:

      Oh wow, that is horrific! So, how long is the time between when they bore into and when they come ripping out? I have been trying to be very diligent in getting the silver eggs out of open wounds so they do not get to gestate under my skin, but I know that is a fool’s dream to think that I have been able to get all of them out before this happens. So, how long does it take them from time they bore into skin until they come tearing back out again? I ask, because I have only encountered the ones that I have seem fly out from me (I guess) and they were white small moth like animals. I also found 2 clear moths in my nostril one day and there was a sizeable one that I was able to get out from under my skin before it was able to rip out. So, I have not encountered anything that is flying that have dark bodies or colored enough for the cream band…that is why I was asking. I probably have to wait a bit longer for them to make that transition. I have had them, knowingly have had them, for a little over 2 months, but looking back on it, I have had things going on for WAY longer than 2 months, it’s just something that kind of all came together at once and that is when I noticed things are wrong. So, I just wondered how long is the gestation period is of the little black mites? Barbara was right, Tea Tree oil and also Peppermint oils, really help. Put that stuff in and on everything and see how much it will help! You have to go to doctor to get medical help about the larvae in your eye! You could go permanently blind if not! Please keep me posted. I am going to the derm on the 6th of Dec and plan to pin his rear to the wall about aggressively getting this out of my skin and doing the same with my vet as my dog and cat also are suffering from this as well : ( And THAT breaks my heart!

      • Lacie says:

        Oh my God, I hope your dr and vet gavr you some help

        Mine have done nothing .
        I was prescribed ivermetim orally and permetium cream…. no help.
        My dog is suffering now as badly as I am.
        Ive treated him for fleas….but thats not what’s making him itch. He gets the SAME kind of sores I do…..
        Ck out Morgellons on YouTube.
        There are a few knowledgeable folks on there that are also sick with morgellons.
        Two i would recommend are :Morgellons Coverup ” and” Skizit Gesture “.
        The second one is nurse in Florida who has done an immense amount of research into the science behind these organisms….
        Its truly horrifying.
        Although for me, it was comfort to finally see in pics and videos, the same images I see at home in me….. but terrifying to realize what that acknowledgement really means.
        There is no 100% cure. There are a few Relief Treatment though.
        I would caution against some of the home remedies I’ve seen…… We are already ill, and putting all sortz of other chemicals on your body…..and mixing these together could be seriously dangerous.
        In love to all my fellow sufferers out there

    • Jerad says:

      Sissy I have the black specks embedded in my skin also. Am finding a lot of the silver or transparent bugs. Also the small fly like bug that appears to have wings. I never seen it fly. However there is definitely something flying about my apartment. So I have marks all over my body. The black pepper mark, the c shaped mark, red bite marks that scan up. And also if you scratch at one many v like ones start to come out. Bleeds a lot. Ok so today I was cleaning and stoped to blow my nose and black tiny round with legs all around it came out of my nose. Also they had blood on them. I used a q tip to swan my nose. I found more.with blood. So they definitely are biting. As I type on this phone tiny white/clear looking sacs are coming out under my nails and sit on my screen. Also right this moment I can feel them moving into my eyes. Can always tell they really go crazy in your eyes and they travel to the glass in my glasses. Can’t barely see out.them. Also in my private areas. Urine see them swimming in toilet, stool they pop out of. So that scares me much. Been to my pcp who said might be chiggers. Also dermatologist who said it was stress, even tho I showed her samples of the ones I caught. So many I have caught lost trac. Try many different products but nothing helped. So gross when I found those black pepper ones in my nose. Need help now please.

  7. Jerad says:

    Am posting again as I submitted the wrong email address. I just woke up and they all crawling all over me. Behind ears, face, eyes and eyebrows. Tryed bleach last night covered fingernails and in between fingers also toenails and in between toes. Always notice black pepper ones in between my toes. So every night I clean them. In areas where I sweat like in between toes under breast under arms, etc you can see them all balled up and a lot of them. Wipe with windex and bleach. They are always under my nails and sides of fingers are pealing. I can scrape them out and they look like a nit or louse. Millions of them. They are out of control and I can’t keep up with them. Always notice the black pepper dots everwher. They are the first I noticed. Didn’t no what they were at first. I would wipe my stove or table off and they would reappear instantly. Even tho I did nothing to cause the areas to get dirty. They on windows sill baseboards everywhere and they are winning I just can’t clean them up. They always come back. They are on my lips and inside my mouth. When I eat they seem to come out my mouth and get on fork and contaminate my food. I see them in my food. Eww. Had apartment exterminated 3 times. Didn’t help. I think they may have gotten into my apartment when someone gave me thear air conditioner. I look at it and look like they where in the filter. So when I cleaned the filter I started the contamination. Yeah so that was the first area where I noticed them. Stove and counter top. I’m telling you for real they are imbedded in the counter top. Can’t scrub them away. Also imbedded in wood. So if they can do that imagine how they could get into your skin and inside your body. Am scared to go to er afraid they would not even treat me because they may think it’s scabies or something so contagious they’d be afraid to let me in. Also might end up in thear phyc ward. I need a skin sample or whatever they do to prove I have something going on. What kind of things can a doctor do to tell if your infested. Skin biopsy? What else. Need help with this so I can point doctor in right direction. What kind of doctor do you even see for this. Please help I’m going out of my mind and everyone thinks I’m crazy. Even when I show the ones I caught. That makes them think I’m even more crazy. So I quit telling people. My skin looks terrible. Had marks all over and greyish tint. Right now they are really going crazy on me. My son is here but I can’t say anything about it cause he thinks I’m crazy. He so far shows no signs of bugs on him. What to do? So much more I could tell you but I could right a book about it. Going crazy. Thought it sounded like the morgellons. Has to be some sort of mite. Heeeelllllp

    • Mel says:

      I also wanted to let you know that I am sure that you are not crazy and that, my friends and even my mother, think that I need to seek mental help about this. Every time I try to talk to my mother about this she gets really upset and tells me to stop talking about it. She is actually angry! I am not sure because she thinks I am crazy and that angers her or that she knows there is a possibility that this is real and she can’t get a handle on it and that upsets her. Either way, I just stop talking about it. She goes out of her way to avoid any convo about the mite infestation. I believe you started with mold mites. The thing is, I was reading this thread and had symptoms of several things which confused me. Then, like I said, your PH is out of wack and you get one mite any mite you pass will jump on board as these mites are turning your body into a yeast farm. The more yeast you have (the crap piling up on skin that makes you desireable to all diff kinds of mites…so you get a whole colony of different kind of mites that display diff symptoms. No exterminator is gonna help. They bore about and inch to an inch and a half into skin and that mysterious “hair” is actually , I believe, the breathing tubes. I let a sore on the corner of my mouth go for about a week. Finally could not take it anymore, I pulled yellow crystalline crap off (read somewhaere that their fecal matter) and under was a sizable moth! I got tweezers and pulled it out without too much fanfare, and it bled and led (I have learned that when it bleeds like that, it’s bc the part that they use to bore into skin is stil in your skin and is boring deeper in bc it thinks you are trying to pull it out. If you get the bore thing, there is no more blood, that ‘s how you know if you got it or not. ) Anyway, I removed the moth, put it in clear tape and it bled like crazy til the bore thing stopped boring further in. I waited 2 days and once it had been cleaned, I reached in with tweezers and pulled the bore thing out easily (the element of surprise). After that was out, it healed in 2 or 3 days completely. It had been on my face for about 2 or 3 weeks already and would not heal. That’s how you know they are in there too, if sores don’t heal timely. If you have any questions or just wanna talk to someone who is also in vocal prison bc no one wants to hear about it, talk to me, I will understand bc I am going through it too and I have also just shut up about it bc I am just alienating myself from everyone talking about things that ,left untreated may be deadly. But hey what do they care, it’s uncomfortable to talk about right? It is SO sad and upsetting that no one cares enough to just listen without getting angry with you. Where do you turn when no one wants to hear it? I have a dermy apt tomorrow. I am hoping that he takes me seriously and does a skin scraping. Will let you know what happens. Oh, last thing, they are most active in the early morning and in the early to late afternoon.

  8. Mel says:

    Jared, you poor thing! I have been going through my own hell for 3 months (comparatively speaking, that’s a drop in the bucket) bit, I have learned some helpful hints. First, get Tea tree Oil and put that between your toes and on inner thoughts (groin area) and under breat and arm area…wherever you see a ton of em. Also add tea tree oil to everything. Shampoo conditioner, liquid body soap, lotion, etc. Gargle with Listerine regular, none of the fruity no burn stuff. pout peppermint oil on your toothbrush before brushing to ensure your toothbrush is clear of them. Also can add a drop or 2 to animals (if you have pets) water. You can also, if you prefer peppermint, put some in shampoo, conditioner, and liquid body soap. Heck, put both tea tree and peppermint in your shower products. In laundry and on upholstery and carpet, use borax with hottest water setting possible on washer for laundry. Rule of thumb: They LOVE sugar, so do not consume anything that has sugar or even sugar substitute!!!! The opposite is true for them and sour, acidic things…they hate that! So eat pickles, cole slaw with vinegar on it instead of made with mayo, take a swig of apple cider vinegar a day, put extra strength vinegar in with laundry. That in combo with your borax and laundry soap and hot water, those suckers, don’t stand a chance. Drink plenty of water with lemon juice in it (not lemonade as it has sugar). Another post and my personal experience have noted that they LOVE the eyebrows. Both of us, have had our eyebrows fall out and have had to draw em back in with eyebrow pencil, talk about embarrassing! Anyway, they also love shiny things. SO your eyeball, because of it’s shape and how it reflects light due to the natural lubrication in the eye are appealing. Same with glass in glasses, they are attracted to the shine. I bought some shells (shells and pasta are bad bc they like starch a lot too) and cheese and brought them home from store, a whole 15 minute drive and, after water was boiling, I opened box and poured shells into boiling water and took out foil pouch with cheese. Guess what. they had infiltrated a factory sealed package of cheese and were not in the package of cheese (factory sealed cheese!!!) They were attracted to the shiny sparkly foil. anyway, put Tea Tree in everything, wash every thing with borax and extra strength vinegar and the hottest water your washer can put out. For food, eat citrus stuff like lemons, grapefruit, oranges….etc The like sweet and starchy. So when eating veggies avoid corn and potatoes, startches, and bread too. Long story short, take a muti vitamin every day to ensure your immune system is performing at top level. I also take echanacia (sp) for immune system support and also garlic as Before full blown onset, I felt fluttery things in my heart, it was weird and a feeling that told me something was amiss! I went to my int med pc doc and he ordered blood and stool and when I had to call them back after 3 weeks of not hearing anything, I called them. I had to pay another boatload (he decided he no longer wanted to be on perfered provider list and didn’t tell his customers, so when I went in, I had to pay 85.00, I said but it’s only supposed to be 25.00 and they said not any more. I thought I pay an arm and a leg for this insurance and I will be darned if I am going to be taken for a ride from this doc, even though I had built repore with him and had been seeing him for 3 years. I still have got to find a new one (because the rate hike was strike 1, there were 2 more that were deplorable). Anyway, when I went back and paid another zillion dollars, he said well, it’s not giardia. I thought, Geardia?!?! wtf? Why would it be giardia? I came in presenting weird spider veins that appeared almost overnight, and there were little light pink shapes under skin with what looked like 2 eyes and a mouth ion the light pink circles, that would shape shift. He said he saw nothing in the dim lit room more appropriate for a romantic dinner rather than a check up. the nurse said she saw something and he said it’s weird they are not raised…when I showed him my sample piece of tape from my office chair with hard yellowish seed like things, he held it up to light and said its weird, I don’t even see legs. If they are larvae (which they are) they would not yet have legs, stupid doc! So after eating a good meal with no sugar and lots of citrus and vinegar or mustard (acidic stuff), soak in a bath with epsome salts, borax, lemon juice and some peppermint and eucalyptus or tea tree or menthol get out dry off and put towel in wash. Do not use towels or clothes more than once between washings. Wipe down the tub or shower and the floor with antibacterial cleaner to make sure that any that were rubbed off with towel are not able to be free to get back in you or you pet’s skin (if you have etc… Then rub yourself down with Sulfa lotion (.5 % camphor and .5 % menthol….(for good measure, I added a little peppermint oil and tea tree oil). For matresses and box spring, spray down with 91% alcohol (91 % is the point at which it becomes antibacterial). Warning, if you have wooden bed, mix a quarter 91 % with a half 70% alcohol. You can spray the blankets and sheets with this as well. Otherwise, you need to wash and the nstick in freezer for a week to kill the mites. At first, I was very confused as to what type of mite I had because I had some symptom”s of each. Then I read that if you are invaded by 1 kind, you are prone to get any and all the mites that you pass by bc they smell the sweet smell of one group of them on you, so they jump on. The mites, no matter, bird, rat, or mold, are turning your body into a yeast brewery. That is why your skin looks dirty and grey, you look dirty with what look like freckles, but aren’t. There are “hairs” that don’t qite match your own hairs around them and they move on their own (I believe these are their feeding tubes). When you pull em out, they don’t hurt and no bulb at the end like a regular hair has. I use Queen Helen’s Mint Julip mask and then scrub it off with extra strength vinegar and leave it at that, no water needed. Sking looks a LOT better and I don’t look like I live on the streets and my skin is soft and clean! Hope this helps somewhat. Oh THIS IS FOR EVERYONE: Try OZIUM. You can find in Grocery store “hardware auto section, or definitely at auto parts store. It kills those suckers and makes this smell nice. It is Glycol onized that kills em and it works. However, the cans of ozium are not too big and you will go through a lot. I read a website about enzymes to kill mites and am thinking about getting some to spray house with.

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