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Hello from Woodbury, NJ! We have been seeing lots of great insects here this year and have identified nearly all of them with help from your site – we heart Whats That Bug! We are attaching some photos for your use, or not, as you see fit. They include – asparagus bugs – one of common asparagus beetle and one of spotted asparagus beetles mating (aren’t we lucky to have BOTH kinds in our asparagus patch?!), a Zale lunata moth we just found and identified tonight, a possible assassin bug nymph on a pepperbox poppy, what we think is an immature male common white tail dragonfly Libellula lydia (photo incorrectly titled damselfly) and bumble bee Bombus griseocollis (we believe)on swamp milkweed. Thanks for such a great site – hope you are catching up from your time away.
Jessica and Paul Ferguson
Woodbury, NJ

Common Asparagus Beetle Spotted Asparagus Beetles mating

Hi Jessica and Paul,
Posting photos from multiple taxonomic orders wreaks havoc on our already chaotic archives, so we will just be posting your Asparagus Beetle images. Both the Common Asparagus Beetle, Crioceris asparagi, and the Spotted Asparagus Beetle, Crioceris duodecimpunctata, were introduced from Europe in the 19th Century and both are widespread in North America where asparagus is grown. We located a paper published by Utah State University written by Erin W. Hodgson that has facts on the life cycle and control of both species.

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Location: Woodbury, New Jersey

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