butterfly, moth, what is it?
Last night we had a visitor on the porch and this morning two. I have been trying to figure out what they are all day so I can share with my 9 year old daughter who is very curious about them. We have figured out that they are male and female. Could you tell me what they are and a bit about them please? Thank you,

Hi Kelli,
These are mating Polyphemus Moths. The male is the one on the left with the large feathery antennae, the better to sense his mate’s pheromones. The female is the one on the right with the bulkier body, the better to lay 100s of eggs. The Polyphemus Moth has a large pair of “eyespots” on the underwings to startle birds into thinking they are a threatening creature. The Polyphemus Moth was named for the legendary cyclops Polyphemus, a one eyed giant, in Homer’s Odyssey.

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