red legged purseweb spider?
I found this spider on the deck of my pool. After doing some searching on the internet I found the red legged purseweb spider and I think this could be on fof them. Sorry I did kill we have small children around and I didnt know what it was or if was even poisonous. But we found it in French Lick Indiana.

Hi Carly,
Sadly, your identification of the Red Legged Purseweb Spider is correct. This species has met with more than its deserved share of Unnecessary Carnage. While we understand the protective mothering instinct in such matters, if every mother on the planet tried to dispatch everything she thought might compromise the safety of her children, there wouldn’t be much left eventually. Tolerance and understanding can prevent so much bloodshed. We hope you continue to educate yourself and your children to the diversity of life around you. Have a great day.

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