tiny diurnal moth
hi there,
i took this photo a few weeks ago near nederland colorado. it is very tiny and i thought it was a butterfly till i got home and enlarged the photo. i’ve been searching your web site some and also in some books and have not discovered who it is yet. perhaps you can help. i have appreciated your help in the past and look forward to finding out who this wee one is. thank you so much,
venice kelly

Hi Kelly,
Sadly, we don’t know what your lovely little moth is, but we are bound and determined to get you an answer, just not at the moment. We are going to request assistant from our local Mt Washington expert in Lepidoptera, Julian Donahue. We can recommend that you try the Moth Photographers Group website for additional research. Please let us know if you find the answer.

Update: (06/13/2008)
This widespread diurnal geometrid is the Black-banded Orange (Macaria truncataria). You can see a good write-up of its distribution (transcontinental northern North America) and biology at: [Entomology Collection]

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