Los Angeles Butterfly question
Hello, bugman!
It turns out that we live in the same area; I recently saw your picture and bio in the Mt. Washington Homeowners’ Alliance newsletter. We also live on Mt. Washington, and the attached picture was taken in the park and ravine below the Carlin G. Smith Recreation Center. Not the best picture, but it’s the best I could do with a cell-phone camera. My hope, of course, is that it’s a female El Segundo Blue, but I realize that’s probably very unlikely. So, I turn to the experts. I realize you’re out of town, etc., so whenever you get a chance. Thanks!

Hi Jonathan,
While the quality of your photograph will make exact identification rather difficult, we are confident that this is not the endangered El Segundo Blue, a coastal species with a very limited range. It is more likely the Marine Blue, Leptotes marina, a species that is, according to Charles Hogue: “common in local parks and gardens because its larva feeds on the buds and blossoms of ornamental shrubs and vines (Plumbago species, Wisteria Vine, sweet pea, and other members of the Pea Family.” You can find more images and information on BugGuide. Come to the next Alliance meeting and introduce yourself.

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