Daniel: about the red legged purse spider
Hi Daniel,
I continue to very much enjoy Whats that bug?, even though you don’t hear from me as often. I wanted to say that I write on Wikipedia, (mostly on mollusks) so if there is a problem with the info they are quoting from WTB about the red-legged purse spider, do let me know and I will fix it. Very best wishes to you!

Hi Susan, We do try to do our research on What’s That Bug? My comment has more to do with the fact that we are supporting our own information with information from Wikipedia, but we noticed that Wikipedia is citing us, meaning that we are citing ourselves. Just an amusing observation. To the best of my knowledge, it is correct. Thanks

Oh, I see! Sorry I misunderstood… Always nice to hear from you, Daniel, thanks. You are doing really great with WTB, congratulations. Also you are really getting through to people and changing attitudes slowly but surely.

hi again Susan,
Our goal is to conquer global warming, and we feel that this needs to begin on a microcosmic level. Awareness of personal space is a good beginning to reducing each person’s carbon footprint on the planet. have a great day.

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