What is it? Hi Bugman, I snapped these pictures this morning (Mt. Laurel, NJ). Never saw this one before, and have no idea what it is. Thanks, Tim hi Tim, We fired a quick incorrect response to you that this was a Dobsonfly, when in fact it is a Fishfly. Fishflies have comblike antennae that … Read more

Snake Mimic: Hemeroplanes triptolemus

Updated (07/02/2008) (10/15/2005) amazonian caterpillar Hello, I spotted this beautiful caterpillar during a trip to the Mamirauá reserve in the Amazon rainforest. I understand there are a few species that present this snake mimicking behavior, but I haven’t found the right match for this one yet. Can you help? Thanks and congratulations on your website. … Read more

Female Hercules Beetle

Beetle from Missouri Ozarks area Dear Bugman, Could you help me identify this beautiful beetle that I found on my deck last night? While browsing your site (which I love by the way) I noticed it looked like the Hercules beetles you show but without the horn. Is it a female maybe? Also I would … Read more