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What’s that bug?!
Dear bugman,
Hello! I must say I really love looking at your site and checking out all the strange bugs in the world. This site has helped me on many occasions! I am writing because I have found a strange bug myself. I saw this in my backyard of Tacoma, WA. Can you help me? I was wondering if this was some kind of wasp perhaps? I’m sorry it’s a bit blurry, my camera seemed to want to focus on the leaves more than the bug! Thank you so much!
Ilona Hoffstaedter

Hi Ilona,
This is a Crane Fly, but we are uncertain of the exact species.

Update: (05/27/2008)
Daniel: The crane fly from Tacoma, Washington is a wood-boring tipulid, Ctenophora angustipennis, and appears to be a female. Males have comb-like antennae and a bulbous tip to the abdomen. This species is harmless, if not a valuable decomposer of rotting wood.

What's That Bug? does not endorse extermination

4 Responses to Crane Fly: Wood Boring Tipulid

  1. bug says:

    Ahh shucks,
    I was hoping it was the phantom crane fly so I could count another family of bugs towards my class bug collection. Is this common, as after living in the South Seattle area for 30+ years, I have never seen this species? It is so much prettier than the common crane fly that ruins are grass!

    • bugman says:

      We don’t know much about this Crane Fly. We will research the Crane Flies of Pennsylvania website which actually covers species that live outside of Pennsylvania.

  2. Susan says:

    It is a pretty fly but I met them the hard way today.I was weeding and grabbed one by accident without gloves and it was like grabbing a rose thorn. Stuck in the palm of my hand. I have lived in Washington for over 40 years and this is my first encounter with this fly. They are doing a great job decomposing the stump in my yard 🙂 A little disconcerting when they started flying out of it though. Knew it was a type of crane fly since it didn’t have the thorax like a wasp.

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