Can you identify these?
They showed up in our neighborhood about 4 years ago, and are prolific breeders. Their young resemble “large” aphids with orange-ish red abdomens. The adults have the same orange/red abdomen that is exposed when they take flight. In the picture attached, I believe the smaller one (on the left) is the male mating with a female. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Hi Ron,
The Boxelder Bug, Boisea trivittata, is one of our most frequent query subjects due to the mass aggregations they form. Though they may be a nuisance when they appear in large numbers, they are not harmful to you or your home. Your mating couple is a nice addition to our site.

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  1. Kayla Hargrove says:

    We have similar bugs to this bug, however we are uncertain if this may the bug it is. There are several on our tree and it’s seems as if they keep growing in population. Are they harmful if touched? I could get a picture of what ours look like to be certain.

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