Black Beetle with Red Markings on Head
I live on the West Coast of British Columbia. This bug is sitting on my bird bath at the moment. It’s about half an inch long. Is he a goodie or a baddie?

Hi Wendy,
BugGuide indicates that this is a Diurnal Firefly in the genus Ellychnia. They lack the light-producing organs of other Lightning Bugs. Since the larvae prey on small animals including snails, we will let you decide if they are good or bad. Snail lovers might have issues with Fireflies. We will make a correction to the anatomical references in your letter. The red markings are not on the head which is hidden from view in your photograph. The pronotum has the markings and it is considered part of the thorax. BugGuide indicates that the shape of the pronotum is critical in the classification of beetles and other insects.

Location: Canada

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