Hi! Can you tell me what these two moths are?
Adams Lake, B.C. Canada May 24th 2008

Small Eyed Sphinx Snowberry Sphinx

Hi Kathy,
Both of your moths are Sphinx Moths. The brown one with the undulating patterns is a Small Eyed Sphinx, Paonias myops, and you can find out more about it on Bill Oehlke’s wonderful website. We believe your second gray moth is a Snowberry Sphinx, Sphinx vashti, but it might also be the similar looking Elegant Sphinx, Sphinx perelegans. We will try to contact Bill Oehlke to see if he can conclusively identify it.

Update: (05/25/2008)
Hi Daniel,
It is Sphinx vashti, Can you please ask Kathy to contact me as I would like permission to use images with credit to her. … Thanks for the referals to my site and kind words.
Bill Oehlke

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