I just dunno about this one…
Good evening Mr. Bugman!
I am of course in need of your help in identifying a bee/wasp that I have encountered several times in my front yard. Let me stop and first say that I LOVE your site, and while I am pretty jumpy when it comes to most bugs, especially when they are on my person, (typical girl, I know) I have come to understand that they are here for a very good reason, thanks in part to you guys!! Ok I digress…back to my mystery bee/wasp. I live in Louisiana about 25 miles north of Shreveport on about 30 some odd acres, full of mostly pine and maple trees. In front of our house we have a nice sized tree stump, that we attempted to burn, (unsuccessfully). Everyday I go and come from work for about the past two months (or so) I have seen this nice sized insect hovering around this stump…basically protecting it, so it seems. It lands sometimes and pulsates it’s abdoman but I never see it doing anything else but chase off other insects. When I came home today I actually saw it mating with another one, and I ran inside for my camera, but by the time I came out it was by itself again. I checked every single bee, and wasp website I could find, (of course including yours), but got nowhere. Help me please Mr. Bugman! Thankfully yours,
Erica B.
Benton, LA

Hi Erica,
The reason your search was fruitless is that this is not a bee nor a wasp. It is a Yellow Jacket Hover Fly, Milesia virginiensis. As its common name indicates, it is a fly that mimics a yellow jacket. You can locate more information on this Syrphid Fly on BugGuide.

Location: Louisiana

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